Tired of Navigating Chronic Illness Alone? That Ends Now.

Chronicon is a community where we make the best of things, together.

The Chronicon Community

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The Chronicon Community!

The Chronicon Community is meant to break the cycle of isolation that often comes from living with a chronic illness.
It was created to give you comfort, understanding, and strength that might be hard to find on your own at different moments while navigating your health. 
As an exclusive member of our community you will get to celebrate all that you are, every single day, and with people who truly get your lived experience on a profound level.

Why You Should Join Us!

The Chronicon Community is a place to:

💕 Make new friends who truly get what you're going through

💕 Swap your favorite chronic illness articles, podcasts and more

💕 Get daily support to thrive while also dealing with your health

Let's talk perks!

As a member of our community, you'll get:

✨  Each month, you get up to eight FREE curated events, with music, meditation, lifestyle and wellness tips, all with your favorite speakers. Non-members would pay $25 for one event alone.

✨ Early access to partnerships—with special deals just for you including free tickets to events and discounts on products!

✨ All the content your heart desires with exclusive meditations, bonus podcasts and videos made just for this community.

✨ All members get 15% off of all Chronicon merchandise.

✨ The ability to lead a group dedicated to your chronic illness or something you're passionate about that supports your journey.

✨ Chronic Connecting every month with a special event dedicated to getting to know your community and sharing your story!

All for just $24.99/month.

Join now and get your first week FREE! 

Why Are We Passionate About this?

Chronicon is on a mission to elevate the visibility of the 133+ million Americans living with a chronic illness. Because, let’s be honest—this population deserves more love and support.

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