Welcome to Chronicon, a warm hug you didn't know was needed

Who are we? Just the most incredible people around the globe, gathered to be celebrated all we are.

We are the community of people who GET you. 


Here, you are NOT alone.

Here, you get to feel released from self-doubt.

Because it’s NOT all in your head. 

Whether you feel overwhelmed and want to scream into a pillow for having another doctor’s visit…

We are folks who have chronic illnesses, yes. These may be physical. Auto-immune. Mental health. We know the realities of how they impact our day-to-day lives. We know how deeply challenging it can be. But here, we rally around the hope in who we are as whole people. 

We get to feel down and sad and need support when we need to. 

We find power in stepping out of isolation and tackling our lives with feelings of being victorious. 

We take the power back. 

(And we also lay down when we need to. Just facts.) 

Let's honor ourselves, our bodies AND our right to feel freaking awesome.

But I believe if we don’t have hope, it’s hard to move forward in a way that’s empowering, kind.

Here, we get to have fun. Movie level, cinematic FUN. 

We are honest about what’s real. 

This is not a toxic positivity space (absolutely NOT, no room for that).

It’s an invitation to hope. 

In some of my sickest times, I was in pain 24/7 that would make most folks go insane. But that’s just why this is the most incredible, global space of humans.

You are FIGHTERS. 

You are WARRIORS. You have been through things (and maybe are even in it today) that give you a resilience unlike anything, it’s superhuman really. 

Not everyone understands. But here? We do. 

Whether you’re in line to get an iced latte, in a waiting room (cause we’ve been there before, am I right?!) or curled up in your baggiest, coziest sweats at home, you get to have an entire world of cheering, supporting, understanding people right there with you. 

Rather than scroll social media feeling all the feelings (the unhelpful comparison ones, you get me) - 

You get to laugh with the funniest people in the world. 

You get to feel heard and seen by the most incredible, understanding people with hearts bigger than the sweetest pup around. 

You get to be both taken seriously and also have a chance from some light heartedness, to be seen and celebrated for ALL you are. 

Because if there’s something I know, it’s that we folks with chronic illness are some of the most ASTOUNDING people in this world. 

That’s why we have this community that is custom fancy for YOU. 

Let us rock your world. How?

The Chronicon Community is a sanctuary (that’s part peace, part fun, part whatever the heck you want it to be). New friends meet and connect everyday, and it’s so beautiful it often makes me cry. Here is what you receive when you become a member. 

You are not a number. You are not a statistic.

You have a voice, and WE want to hear it. 

We really do hope to hear your voice.

To connect with you, rally around you and help you feel victorious, feel heard, whatever feelings it is YOU deserve and get to feel. 

Here, we love people hard. 

We hope that you get to see just how much for yourself. 

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We have street cred. No, really.

A Note From our Founder

Hi there! Nitika here. I could start with a list of all my diagnoses but here’s what I am because of all I’ve been through. I’m a powerhouse of patience (truth!). I have a fierce resilience (one that I bet you have, too!) And I don’t have all the answers, but I am here with you, alongside you.

See, I created The Chronicon Community because it's what I always yearned for, a safe space with people who get what it's like and to step forward in thriving together.

The truth is that I have been able to have health challenges and pursue my wildest dreams. I have worked in the self-help and wellness industries for over 13 years, hosted my own talk show on global television and spoken on stages across the country. Yes, starting at age 10 I was diagnosed with psoriasis. While it often brought me to my knees and still has days of heartache, I created this community because my story is not unique and I was tired of feeling like I was the only one working my way through life while also dealing with my health.

I know what it’s like to live life feeling like you have this secret inside of you, fighting to feel “normal” in your own body. I hope you will join me and find the relief in knowing that you don’t have to do this alone anymore. We are in this together! 

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We are honored to provide sliding scale scholarships for folks who cannot afford to pay due to medical reasons. Need financial support? Apply for a scholarship by clicking here! 

Still Have Questions?
Read the Answers to Some FAQs Below!

Why is it paid?

This is a platform that is my life’s work. It takes so much to put this on but why we work so hard to charge the minimum amount. We do offer a certain amount of scholarships each year, if finances do make it truly not viable to join, don’t assume it’s not an option. Apply for a scholarship here. 

Is this community only for women? 

Absolutely not! Men and non-binary individuals are welcome and encouraged to join us. All human beings deserve to feel supported and loved through the ups and downs of their chronic illness journey, regardless of how they identify.

Is it worth it to join if I live outside the United States?

Absolutely! Our content is available whenever you want to access it. We record all of our events so you can participate at any time and you can even watch workshops from past months before you joined. We also try to host our events at a variety of different times to accommodate as many time zones as possible. We have members from all over the world and would love to have you join us!

What If I can’t go to all of the Workshops?

That’s ok, and even expected! This community is like having all the chronic illnesses resources you could ever want, right in your pocket. So watch the workshops when you want, comment on the posts you love the most and message your friends when the inspiration arises. There’s no pressure to show up in exactly one way or even every single day. You also get access to the replays for the 150+ workshops we have already done in the community as well as every single event from here on out so if you can't join us live, you will have a replay to watch when you have the time! 

I am a little nervous, but I want to try this! What’s your cancelation policy? 

Good news -- your first week is absolutely free! Then, if you choose the monthly membership option, you can cancel any time before your next billing cycle. Although we will be sad to see you go, this community is designed to support you. If a membership  isn’t working for you for any reason, you are free to make the choice to leave. 

What if I am an introvert or nervous about being on camera at events?

We get this question A LOT! Turns out that a lot of people who have chronic illnesses are also highly sensitive, introverted and even a little shy as they start the process of opening themselves up to people. We get it! That’s why there is never any pressure to show up in one specific way. We have lots of members who are recovering from procedures, dealing with skin issues or just too tired to be on camera at a virtual workshop and we get it. They show up anyway and are able to soak up all of the good energy and support regardless! You do not have to be on camera in order to get the tremendous benefits of this community.

Do you offer sliding scale memberships if I need financial help? 

Yes, we do! Our membership model is in tiers so you can pick the membership level that feels best for you and your budget. In addition to the tiers, we also have a scholarship option that we offer for folks who are on disability or unable to afford the membership due to medical expenses which ranges from $0 - $15 per month. At Chronicon, our number one priority is providing access to those who need it most. We feel honored to provide these scholarships and encourage you to apply here. Please know that if you want to be here, we want you here, and we don't believe money should ever be a reason why someone isn't able to get the support that they deserve. 

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