Meet Your New Best Friends

Feeling like you're fighting the chronic illness battle alone?

We get it.

It's not just the symptoms and lifestyle changes—it's the isolation, too. When friends and family don't quite understand, it can be tough to find your people.
That's where we come in. Chronicon is here to break that cycle. We're a community built for those who truly get it, where your challenges are understood and your wins are celebrated. You're not defined by your condition; you're someone with stories, dreams, and the potential for deep connections.
Welcome to the Chronicon Community—where your story matters, your voice is heard, and your whole self is celebrated. 

The Answers To Your Questions!

Who is Chronicon for?

Our members range across all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, and types of health conditions and disabilities. All human beings deserve to feel supported and loved through their chronic illness journey. This diversity is our strength, providing a meaningful range of perspectives and experiences that we all learn from.

When are the live events?

To accommodate the different time zones of our members, the live event schedule will vary from month to month. If you can’t join live, the event recordings will be available so you can watch it on your time. We have members from all over the world and would love to have you join us.

What if I can’t go to all of the events?

That's okay, and even expected! There's no pressure to attend every live event. All events will be recorded and accessible on demand for as long as you remain a member. Watch them whenever it's convenient for you and as many times as you like. 

What if I'm uncomfortable with being on camera at events?

We hear this question a lot! You don't have to be on camera to enjoy the tremendous benefits of this community. It can be challenging when you begin to open up to others. We understand, and there's never any pressure to participate in a specific way. Many of our members are recovering from procedures, dealing with skin issues, or just too tired to be on camera. They still join and benefit from the positive energy and support.

We are honored to provide sliding scale scholarships for folks who cannot afford to pay due to medical reasons. Need financial support? Apply for a scholarship by clicking here!